A Top Priority for Communications & Safety


Data technology delivers fast, reliable, flexible high-performance media that transmits excellent quality voice, data, and video.

Broadband service delivered in a most state of the art way provides fiber optic cable TV capable of customized closed captioning, high speed internet, and telephone services (CoMPAS Cable ).

Safety & Security

Safety and Security (click here for more info)

  • Advanced access and egress security technology on building entrances
  • Video/Audio apartment intercom system
  • Abundant (at least three per apartment) visible and audible fire alarms
  • Visible/Audible smoke detectors
  • Strobe light alert system in every apartment
  • Wireless pager alert system for deafblind residents
  • Security camera network
  • Water overflow alert

Apartment Features

Personal Alert System

  • DeafBlind residents only
  • Wireless 5 pattern belt pager functional building-wide
  • No cost to the resident
Personal deaf/blind alert system
Personal deafblind alert system

Apartment Alert System

  • Color-coded strobe alert system for intercom, doorbell, and security breach

Apartment Alert Lights
Apartment alert system. Red alerts to fire. Yellow alerts inside doorbell. Green alerts outside doorbell. Blue alerts to sliding glass door but is an optional purchase option.

Water Overflow Sensors

  • Automatically alerts Maintenance about water overflows

Apartment water overflow sensors
Water overflow sensors

Additional Security

  • Key fob exterior door entry system
  • Door sensors and motion detector system (optional)

Key fob used to enter the building
Key fob used to enter the building

Fire Alarm

  • Ceiling mounted strobe units in bedroom(s), bath, living/kitchen area
  • Audible/Visible Smoke detector

Apartment fire and smoke alarms
Fire and smoke alarms

Video/Audio Intercom System

  • Video/Audio color monitor shows lobby interior entrance door at apartment call panel
  • Remote “unlock” allows resident to control visitor access

Resident intercom system - allows resident to see and hear the person requesting admittance
Allows resident to see and hear the person requesting admittance.

Building Features

Lobby Door Access Control

  • Programmable magnetic lock
  • Key fob permits resident access during “locked” hours (night)

Lobby door access control
Apartment call panel in the Lobby. Allows you to call the appropriate apartment.

Security Camera Network

  • 24-hour surveillance of building entrances

Security Camera Network
Security cameras

Fire Alarm System

  • Integrates with sprinkler system and elevator controls

Building sprinkler and fire alarm system
Fire alarm system

If you have questions or need more information regarding technologies at the Alder Springs Deaf & Blind Community please request more info here