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Alder Springs is a close community of peers where neighbors understand and support each other. Barrier-free communication and multi-leveled security systems make it an ideal place for peaceful, independent living.

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Public Safety.jpg
We're neighbors with the Morganton Dept of Public Safety. Alder Springs is in the background.

Live in a place that is...

  • A safe & secure, tightly knit community of peers
  • Communication friendly and technologically advanced
  • An easy walk to the downtown business district
  • A regular stop on the local public transit system
  • Located in Morganton NC – welcoming the deaf and blind since 1891
  • Home to abundant private interpreters and support services
  • Located in popular and livable Western NC

Apply today to live in the existing building, upcoming apartment building, or be on the waiting list for next available unit.

3 residents crossing street in Downtown Morganton
3 residents crossing a street in downtown Morganton
Master Plan - All Buildings
Alder Springs Architectural Rendering

Community Around Alder Springs

At Alder Springs...

  • Active social life – two Activity Rooms for gatherings, games, events
  • Inclusion in events of the broader deaf population
  • Involvement in improving deaf and deafblind education

In Morganton, NC & Beyond...

  • Home to many graduates of NC School for the Deaf (established 1891)
  • The heart of a vibrant regional deaf population
  • Local and regional deaf clubs and activities

Card game.jpg
Residents enjoying a game of cards in one of the activity rooms.