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Alder Springs is designed to meet the unique needs of the deaf, deafblind, blind, and hard of hearing featuring apartments with advanced sensory technologies and communal gathering spaces.
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Our Community

Alder Springs is the only nonprofit community for the deaf, deafblind, blind and hard of hearing in the US. All construction is funded entirely by charitable gifts, pledges and grants.
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If you have questions about Alder Springs or are interested in joining our community, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

A Morganton, NC Deaf, DeafBlind, Blind and Hard of Hearing Community

Alder Springs simplifies day-to-day living through an ingenious blend of smart architecture, inspired technology, and delightful location.

  • Independent Living apartment community designed for deaf, deaf/blind, blind and Hard of Hearing
  • Apartments allow easy mobility and communication
  • Advanced technologies enhance safety, security, and communication
  • In a deaf and blind-friendly city in Western NC with abundant support services
  • Privately owned and funded (no government funding)
  • Non profit organization with proceeds supporting deaf education
June 13, 2022
A New Sign

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