The Alder Springs campus is currently in Phase 2 of 3 expansion. The current expansion costs are estimated to total $8,400,000 and include a second residential building and activity center.

Condensed Project Budgets

Expense Budget

Condensed Project Expense Budget
Construct Activity Center & 2nd Apt. Building $8,000,000
Professn’l Fees (Architect, Engineers, Grant Writers) $320,000
Other $80,000
Total Project Expenses $8,400,000

Revenue Budget

Condensed Project Revenue Budget
Total Capital Campaign $3,750,000
Loans $4,400,000
In-Kind (non-cash) donations $250,000
Total Project Revenues $8,400,000

Phase 2 Timeline

Capital Campaign: Evolving Community

Charitable gifts will support the construction of a new 25,000 square foot apartment building with 26 units as well as an 8,000 square foot, free-standing Activity Center for residents and for the regional Deaf, Blind, DeafBlind, Hard-of-Hearing populations. The general community may use the future Activity Center on an “as available” basis.

The campaign goal is $3,750,000 which will contribute to the total estimated cost to construct these two buildings ($8.4 million). Please support this expansion!