Waiting List Policy

Alder Springs Deaf & Blind Community


Approved by the Board 6/6/2018 as Hold Policy

Revised and approved by the Board 4/10/2020; 1/22/21 as Placing Hold on an Available Apartment

Revised and approved by the Board 02/26/21 as Waiting List Policy; Revised and approved by Board 10/27/23


Applicants approved for residency must take further action to get on the Waiting List or may take no action and maintain an “active application” for 2 (two) years. All applications must be updated at least every 2 (two) years to maintain an “active” status.

Available apartments are offered in chronological order only to applicants on the Waiting List.

To get on the Waiting List, an approved applicant must make a pre-paid deposit (usually the equivalent of one month rent). The Waiting List is maintained in chronological order; the date assigned is the date of receipt of the pre-paid deposit.

Note: an approved applicant who has made the pre-paid deposit and later decides to withdraw the application will forfeit ½ of a pre-paid deposit.

INITIAL STEPS: Notification and Action

An available apartment is offered to names on the Waiting List in descending order of position.

When an applicant receives a notification offering an available apartment, the applicant has three options and must respond within 10 (ten) days of notification:

  1. Accept and claim the available apartment and take occupancy within 30 days; or
  2. Refuse the available apartment and maintain the same position on the Waiting List; or
  3. Accept and claim the apartment and request to hold it for up to 90 days.

Failure to respond within 10 (ten) days of notification will:

  • Be considered a considered a refusal of the apartment, and
  • Result in the applicant’s name being moved to the bottom of the Waiting List.


An applicant who claims an apartment and declares an intention to take occupancy within 30 days (#1 above) must do the following within 30 days:

  • Complete the Residential Rental Agreement.
  • Pay the first month rent.

Note: in this case the pre-paid deposit will be applied to the required security deposit.

An applicant who claims the apartment and desires to place a “hold” on the offer for up to 90 days (#3 above) must also do the following during that 90 day period:

  • Complete the Residential Rental Contract.
  • Begin paying rent.

Note: in this case the pre-paid deposit will be applied to the required security deposit.

When a “hold” has been established, failure to begin paying rent during the 90 day period will result in:

  • Cancellation of the applicant’s claim on the apartment;
  • Cancellation of the Residential Rental Contract;
  • Forfeiture of ½ of the pre-paid deposit;
  • Removal of applicant’s name from the Waiting List.

Holds will not be extended beyond 90 days.

In all the cases addressed in this Policy, physical occupancy must begin within a reasonable time after rent payments have begun.