Snow Removal Plan

Alder Springs Residents


Dec 2023 / Jan 2024

As we approach cold weather, it is important to update you regarding removing snow from the parking lots and sidewalks at Alder Springs. The top goal is safety for all residents followed by access to vehicles and walkways as soon as it is practical and achievable.

Point 1 in the plan is to encourage all residents to stay indoors until sidewalks, steps and parking lots are cleared and snow melt applied.

In general, clearing will begin as soon as possible after inclement weather has stopped.

Every effort will be made to spread snow melt (and grit if needed) prior to the beginning of inclement weather. Sometimes this is not possible because of the unpredictability of our weather.

The first parking lot and sidewalk to be cleared will be smaller lot on the College Street side of the building. The snow removal contractor will do this.

Careful efforts will be made to minimize the amount of snow left after scraping but it is not possible for the snow that is between parked cars to be cleared.

The Alder Springs sidewalk that runs the length of this parking lot and leads to the automatic door entrance will be the first sidewalk to be cleared (with snow melt and grit applied, if necessary). The Alder Springs Maintenance Team will apply these. Snow melt will be spread on the parking lot after it is cleared as well as possible.

If you believe that inclement weather is on the way, you are encouraged to park beforehand in this smaller lot.

Once the small lot and sidewalk are cleared as well as possible, the contractor for snow removal will undertake to clear the larger lot and the Maintenance Team will clear the front porch/steps and front sidewalks. This will be done as soon as possible without guarantee that it can be done immediately after the small lot is cleared. If residents have removed vehicles from the larger parking lot, it can be scraped more effectively after which residents can move vehicles back into that lot.

Please do not remove snow yourself. This is a hazardous activity. Contact the Maintenance Team if you have an urgent need to leave the building before snow removal has begun.

Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Alder Springs Board of Directors