Rules & Regulations



This Addendum is hereby made a part of that certain Residential Rental Contract dated the ____day of , 20 .

Apartment Number: Address

Executed by: (Resident),



The following Rules and Regulations have been established by Management and are considered an addendum to the Residential Rental Contract. Failure to comply with said Rules and Regulations may, at the discretion of Management, be grounds for termination of the Residential Rental Contract.

  1. RENTAL PAYMENT. Rent is due on the first day of each month. Please mail or deliver your rental payments to the business office on or before the due date.
  2. MAINTENANCE REQUESTS. Without exception, all requests for repair (or alteration) or maintenance of Alder Springs property must be made to the Maintenance Team. Residents are not allowed to do repairs or maintenance to Alder Springs property nor ask another Resident to do so. All such requests should be made by electronic means, phone or in writing to the Maintenance Team. In case of an emergency, call, text or email the number provided. Emergencies include fire, flood and electrical shortage and sewer backups. Maintenance requests cannot be fulfilled if pets are left unattended.
  3. LOCKS. Adding, changing or in any way altering locks installed on the doors of the Apartment is prohibited.
  4. ENTRANCES, HALLWAYS, WALKS AND LAWNS. Entrances, hallways, walks, lawns and other public areas should not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than entering and exiting. Access to the premises may be obtained only by invitation of the Resident by using prescribed audio/visual means of access. It is prohibited to allow access inside the building to a person(s) that you have not invited.
  5. PERSONAL PROPERTY. Due to legal limitations, it is not possible for Management to insure Resident’s personal property. It will be necessary for Resident(s) to obtain apartment dweller’s coverage (renter’s insurance) at his or her expense to cover specific liabilities and/or any possible loss to personal property and to furnish written proof of such coverage at the request of Management.
  6. SPEED LIMIT. The maximum speed limit through the Apartment Community is 10 m.p.h. Please drive carefully.
  7. PARKING FACILITIES. Parking is allowed in the designated space(s) only for cars and light trucks. Parking lots are not to be used for abandoned or inoperable vehicles. The determination of whether a vehicle is abandoned or inoperable shall be within the discretion of Management, but a vehicle will be deemed to be inoperable if not “street legal”. Vehicles cannot be parked on the grass. Recreational vehicles and trailers may only be parked in parking areas designated for such vehicles. Golf carts will be allowed if “street legal according to City of Morganton ordinances” in designated spaces. Vehicles not conforming to these rules may be towed away at Resident’s expense.
  8. PEST CONTROL. Management contracts for pest control services for the building exterior and for interior common areas (hallways, stairs, Activity Rooms). Residents must make a Maintenance Request for treatment of their apartment and Residents are responsible for the cost of the treatment. Management may require an apartment inspection and treatment with the cost to be paid by the Resident. Special rates will be charged for de-fleaing and bed bugs. Residents are asked to assist pest control efforts by maintaining a high standard of good housekeeping.
  9. GROUNDS UPKEEP. The Apartment Community maintains a high degree of grounds maintenance. Management requests that Resident(s) help in maintaining high standards.
  10. DUMPSTERS. There are dumpsters conveniently located throughout the Apartment Community. Please insure that, all trash is placed in plastic bags and securely tied before placing it in the dumpster, not beside it. Break down boxes before placing them in dumpsters. Use recycling bins for approved materials only and not for trash.
  11. GUESTS. Resident(s) is responsible and liable for the conduct of his or her family and guest(s). Acts of these persons in violation of the Residential Rental Contract, or one of these or future rules and regulations, may be deemed by Management to be a breach by Resident(s) which may result in termination of the Residential Rental Contract.
  12. MOTORCYCLES, MINI-BIKES, ETC. All state regulations that apply on the street will apply in the Apartment Community. All vehicles, including motorcycles, mini-bikes, and scooters must be properly licensed, and all operators must be licensed as well. No one under age is allowed to operate a motor vehicle of any type on the grounds of the Apartment Community at any time. All motorcycles, mini-bikes, and scooters must be parked in a designated parking area, unless it is the primary vehicle of the Resident, and may not be placed in the Apartment.
  13. PLUMBING. Residents must abide by the Clogged Plumbing Equipment and Fixtures Policy which states that all plumbing issues must first be reported to the Maintenance Team. A charge will be made for unclogging plumbing equipment, in cases where malfunctions are caused by the introduction of improper objects therein, such as toys, cloth objects, grease, and other foreign matter and the cost of repair or replacement of equipment or furnishing will be paid by Resident(s). Residents must install and maintain metal braided washing machine hoses upon occupancy.
  14. LOCKOUTS. If it is necessary to have authorized personnel unlock the apartment after hours, Resident(s) will be charged a fee of $50.00 payable at the time of entry. If this service is not available at the Apartment Community, it will be necessary to call a locksmith and Resident(s) will be responsible for locksmith fees.
  15. WINDOW TREATMENTS. Window treatments including blinds, shades, curtains/draperies must be white or off white in color; curtains/draperies must have white or off-white linings. Resident(s) shall not remove or modify the blinds that are installed in the Apartment.
  16. TELEPHONE HOOK-UPS. Telephones and or telephonic communications equipment may only be placed at previously wired locations provided by Management or by the company providing telephonic communications. Additional drilling, cutting or boring for wires is not permitted without written permission from Management.
  17. WATER BEDS. Water beds are not allowed.
  18. STORAGE. No goods or materials of any kind or description which are combustible or would increase fire risks shall be placed in storage areas. Storage in such areas shall be at the Resident(s) risk and Management shall not be responsible for any loss or damages. Heating/Air Conditioning or Water Heater Closets are not to be used for storage purposes.
  19. RECREATION. Resident(s) will abide by rules and regulations established for use of recreational and common spaces and service facilities provided by Management. Resident(s) shall be responsible for any and all damage done by them or their guests to recreational and common spaces and service facilities.
  20. ANTENNAE. Radio, television, CB, or other types of aerials or antennae shall not be placed or erected by Resident(s) on the roof or exterior of any building including the balcony.
  21. DISTURBING NOISES. Residents, family, and guests shall have due regard for the comfort and enjoyment of all other residents in the Apartment Community—said apartment is Resident’s home free from interruption by Management, unless Resident or Resident’s guest disturbs other Residents of the Apartment Community. Televisions, stereo units, radios, and musical instruments are not to be played at such a volume or at such a time that will annoy persons in other apartments.
  22. ACTS OF MORAL TURPITUDE. Conviction of a crime of moral turpitude by a Resident or charges of a crime of moral turpitude by a Resident are, in Management’s discretion, grounds for termination of the Residential Rental Contract.
  23. SIGNS. Resident(s) should not display any signs, exterior lights, or markings on the Apartment. Do not attach awnings or other projections to the outside of the building of which the Apartment is a part.
  24. PATIOS. All balconies or patios must be kept clean and clear of storage items. Hanging of clothes, garments, or rugs over railings of balconies or patios will not be permitted. Patios or balconies shall not be used for anything except patio furniture, flower boxes, and plants; they are not to be used for storage under any circumstances. Do not place plants on balcony railings. No cooking grills or stoves can be placed on patios or balconies.
  25. PETS. No pets (not including “properly certified service animals”) are allowed except with permission of Management and the execution of a Pet Agreement. The determination of “properly certified service animals” is in the sole discretion of Management. Except for “properly certified service animals”, an additional Pet Deposit will be required, which is non-refundable. A maximum of one mature (housebroken) dog or cat may be possessed. The only exception to this policy is if the Resident already has two animals when they move in. Upon the death of either animal, Resident shall be allowed only one pet. Management has the right to refuse any animal, especially any dog based on the standard classification of aggressive breeds as set forth by the insurance industry.

The Pet Deposit is $200.00 per pet, which is non-refundable.

Management approval: ________________________; Resident(s) Initials: _______

  1. ALTERATIONS. No Apartment alterations are allowed without Management’s prior written approval.
  2. TECHNOLOGY. Resident(s) shall not alter in any way electronic devices or wiring provided by Landlord.
  3. SMOKING. Neither smoking nor the use of tobacco products is permitted inside the building including the balcony.
  4. PROPPING EXTERIOR DOORS. Propping open any exterior door or leaving any exterior door in a position so as to disable its latch or lock or to render an exterior latch or lock in a non functioning state is prohibited.
  5. ENTRANCE KEY FOBS: A maximum of two entrance key fobs can be issued per apartment. A deposit of $10 is required for each key fob. The deposit will be refunded when the key fob, in working order, is returned to Management.
  6. OPEN FLAMES: Open flames (including candles) are prohibited in all common areas and spaces in the building including the Activity Rooms.



  1. Full term of lease is expired, and all persons have vacated the apartment.
  2. A written Notice of intent to vacate is given at least thirty (30) days prior to said vacating.
  3. No damage has been made to property beyond normal wear and tear.
  4. The apartment paint scheme is restored to its original scheme.
  5. Entire apartment, including range, refrigerator, dishwasher, garbage disposal, bathroom, closets, and cupboards is clean.
  6. No unpaid legal charges, delinquent dues, or late fees are outstanding.
  7. All keys and key fobs are returned.
  8. All debris and rubbish are removed and placed in proper rubbish containers.
  9. Forwarding address is left with Management.
  10. The “move-in/move-out” condition form signed at move-in is signed by both parties upon move-out.


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Resident or Resident(s): Date:

Management/Authorized Representative: Date: