Residential Rental Contract

Below is a representation of the Residential Rental Contract between Alder Springs and a tenant.



RESIDENT: <blank line here> (“Tenant”)


REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT FIRM: <blank line here> (“Agent”)

PREMISES: City: Morganton County: Burke State of North Carolina

Street Address: <blank line here> Zip Code: <blank line here>

Apartment Complex: <blank line here> Apartment No. <blank line here>

INITIAL TERM: Beginning Date of Lease: <blank line here> Ending Date of Lease: <blank line here>

RENT: $ PAYMENT PERIOD: ☒ monthly ☐ weekly ☐ yearly ☐ other:

LATE PAYMENT FEE: $ <blank line here> OR 5 % of rental payment, whichever is greater

(State law provides that the late fee may not exceed $15.00 or five percent (5%) of the rental payment, whichever is greater.)

RETURNED CHECK FEE: $ 25.00 (The maximum processing fee allowed under State law is $25.00.)

SECURITY DEPOSIT: $ <blank line here> to be deposited with: (check one) ☒ Landlord ☐ Agent

LOCATION OF DEPOSIT: (insert name of bank): <blank line here>

BANK ADDRESS: <blank line here>


charge and retain only one of the following fees in addition to any court costs):

  • COMPLAINT-FILING FEE: $ 15.00 OR 5 % of rental payment, whichever is greater (Fee may not

exceed $15.00 or five percent (5%) of the rental payment, whichever is greater.)

  • COURT APPEARANCE FEE: 10 % of rental payment (Fee may not exceed ten percent (10%) of the rental payment.)
  • SECOND TRIAL FEE: 12 % of rental payment (Fee may not exceed twelve percent (12%) of the rental payment.)

PERMITTED OCCUPANTS (in addition to Tenant): <blank line here>

CONTACT PERSON IN EVENT OF DEATH OR EMERGENCY OF TENANT (name and contact information): <blank line here>

IN CONSIDERATION of the promises contained in this Agreement, Landlord, by and through Agent, hereby agrees to lease the Premises to Tenant on the following terms and conditions:

  1. Termination and Renewal: EITHER LANDLORD OR TENANT MAY TERMINATE THE TENANCY AT THE EXPIRATION OF THE INITIAL TERM BY GIVING WRITTEN NOTICE TO THE OTHER AT LEAST 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EXPIRATION DATE OF THE INITIAL TERM. IN THE EVENT SUCH WRITTEN NOTICE IS NOT GIVEN OR IF THE TENANT HOLDS OVER BEYOND THE INITIAL TERM, THE TENANCY SHALL AUTOMATICALLY BECOME A MONTH (PERIOD) TO MONTH (PERIOD) TENANCY UPON THE SAME TERMS AND CONDITIONS CONTAINED HEREIN. THEREAFTER, THE TENANCY MAY BE TERMINATED BY EITHER LANDLORD OR TENANT GIVING THE OTHER 30 DAYS WRITTEN NOTICE PRIOR TO THE LAST DAY OF THE FINAL PERIOD OF THE TENANCY. (EXAMPLE: Assume tenancy is a calendar month-to-month tenancy and 30 days advance written notice of termination is required. Tenant desires to terminate lease at the end of the April period of the tenancy. Tenant would be required to give landlord written notice no later than March 31st. If the written notice of termination were to be given to the Landlord on the 10th of April, the notice would be effective to terminate the lease at the end of May rather than the end of April, since the monthly periods of the tenancy expire on the last day of the month and the notice was not given 30 days prior to the end of April.)
  2. Rent: Tenant shall pay the Rent, without notice, demand or deduction, to Landlord or as Landlord directs. The first Rent payment, which shall be prorated if the Initial Term commences on a day other than the first day of the Payment Period, shall be due on <blank line here> (date). Thereafter, all rentals shall be paid in advance on or before the FIRST day of each subsequent Payment Period for the duration of the tenancy.
  3. Late Payment Fees and Returned Check Fees: Tenant shall pay the Late Payment Fee if any rental payment is five (5) days or more late. Landlord’s acceptance of any monthly rental payment after the due date shall not constitute a waiver of its right to receive future rent payments on the due date.
  4. Tenant Security Deposit: The Security Deposit shall be administered in accordance with the North Carolina Tenant


Upon any termination of the tenancy herein created, the Landlord may deduct from the Tenant Security Deposit amounts permitted under the Tenant Security Deposit Act, including (1) unpaid rent, (2) damage to the premises in excess of normal wear and tear, (3) charges for late payments or returned checks, (4) cleaning the premises if not properly done by Tenant and if such failure to properly clean the premises results in damages that exceed normal wear and tear, (5) any unpaid bills that become a lien on the Premises, (6) re-renting the Premises after a breach by Tenant, (7) any damages and/or court costs incurred by Landlord as a result of breach of this Agreement by Tenant, and (8) any unpaid charges for water and sewer services. If there is more than one person listed above as Tenant, Agent may, in Agent's discretion, pay any balance of the Tenant Security Deposit to any such person, and the other person(s) agree to hold Agent harmless for such action. If the Tenant's address is unknown to the Landlord, the Landlord may deduct any permitted amounts and shall then hold the balance of the Tenant Security Deposit for the Tenant’s collection for a six-month period beginning upon the termination of the tenancy and delivery of possession by the Tenant. If the Tenant fails to make demand for the balance of the Tenant Security Deposit within the six-month period, the Landlord shall not thereafter be liable to the Tenant for a refund of the Tenant Security Deposit or any part thereof.

If the Landlord removes Agent or Agent resigns, the Tenant agrees that Agent may transfer any Tenant Security Deposit held by Agent hereunder to the Landlord or the Landlord's designee and thereafter notify the Tenant by mail of such transfer and of the transferee's name and address. The Tenant agrees that such action by Agent shall relieve Agent of further liability with respect to the Tenant Security Deposit. If Landlord's interest in the Premises terminates (whether by sale, assignment, death, appointment of receiver or otherwise), Agent shall transfer the Tenant Security Deposit in accordance with the provisions of North Carolina General

Statutes § 42-54.

  1. Tenant's Obligations: Unless otherwise agreed upon, the Tenant shall:
    1. Use the Premises for residential purposes only and in a manner so as not to disturb the other tenants;
    2. Not use the Premises for any unlawful or immoral purposes or occupy them in such a way as to constitute a nuisance;
    3. Keep the Premises, including but not limited to all plumbing fixtures, facilities and appliances, in a clean and safe condition;
    4. Cause no unsafe or unsanitary condition in the common areas and remainder of the Premises used by him;
    5. Comply with any and all obligations imposed upon tenants by applicable building and housing codes;
    6. Dispose of all ashes, rubbish, garbage, and other waste in a clean and safe manner and comply with all applicable ordinances concerning garbage collection, waste and other refuse;
    7. Use in a proper and reasonable manner all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and other facilities and appliances, if any, furnished as a part of the Premises;
    8. Not deliberately or negligently destroy, deface, damage or remove any part of the Premises (including all facilities, appliances and fixtures) or permit any person, known or unknown to the Tenant, to do so;
    9. Pay the costs of all utility services to the Premises which are billed directly to the Tenant and not included as a part of the rentals, including, but not limited to, water, electric, telephone, and gas services;
    10. Conduct himself and require all other persons on the Premises with his consent to conduct themselves in a reasonable manner and so as not to disturb other tenants' peaceful enjoyment of the Premises;
    11. Not abandon or vacate the Premises during the Initial Term or any renewals or extensions thereof. Tenant shall be deemed to have abandoned or vacated the Premises if Tenant removes substantially all of his possessions from the Premises.
    12. Moves from the premises or violates any other terms of Paragraph 5 or 6; and
    13. Allow access to the building only by invitation and utilizing only authorized means of access; and
    14. <blank line here>
  2. Restrictions and Alterations: Tenant agrees not to do any of the following without first obtaining written permission of Landlord:
    1. Change or remove any part of the appliances, fixtures, or equipment in the Premises;
    2. Paint or install paneling, wallpaper, or contact paper in the Premises;
    3. Attach awnings or window guards on the Premises;
    4. Attach or place any fixtures, signs, fences, or clotheslines on or in the building(s), common areas or property grounds;
    5. Attach any shelves, dividers, screen doors, or make any other temporary or permanent improvements in the Premises;
    6. Place or attach any aerials, antennae, satellite dishes, or other electrical connections on the Premises, but in the case of the installation of a satellite dish, landlord shall not unreasonably withhold written permission, so long as:
      1. The satellite dish and all fixtures remains indoors within the Premises;.
      2. The satellite dish is mounted and secured without damaging the Premises in any way (damage to include the use of drilling, bolting, or screwing support structures into any portion of the Premises);
      3. No cables or wires of any kind may be installed into or through any wall of the Premises;
      4. In consideration for allowing the installation and use of a satellite dish on the Premises, Tenant accepts any and all risks inherent in installing and maintaining a satellite dish at the Premises, and Tenant also indemnifies and holds Landlord harmless for any damage or injury to any person or chattel caused by the use or installation of the satellite dish on the premises.

Tenant agrees that any improvement or alteration made shall become a part of the Premises and the property unless otherwise agreed to by Landlord, and Tenant agrees that any improvement or alteration authorized by Landlord must be undertaken only in a workmanlike manner and no lien may attach to the Premises.

  1. General Restrictions and Obligations of Tenant: Tenant agrees not to:
    1. Permit any person other than those listed on Page 1 to reside in the Premises. A person shall be presumed to reside in the Premises if they are an overnight guest for 14 consecutive days. Landlord may waive this restriction for medical or other valid reasons. Residency in the Premises may also be established by the totality of the circumstances;
    2. Use the premises for any purpose deemed hazardous by insurance companies carrying insurance thereon;
    3. Disable or render the smoke detectors or any other alarm or alert device or system inoperable for any reason at any time;
    4. Make or permit noises or acts that would disturb the rights or comfort of anyone;
    5. Discharge, possess, display, or in any way use in, on, or around the Premises or common property, any firearm or weapon of any type, including but not limited to, air rifles and pistols, knives, swords, etc.;
    6. Use a portable grill within 100 feet of the premises or any combustible material;
    7. Use the exterior patio, balcony, and/or entrance area for storage;
    8. Introduce or use any fossil-fuel burning heating unit or generator in the Premises.
  2. Automobiles and Parking:
    1. Parking is allowed in the designated space(s) only for cars and light trucks. All other vehicles, including motorcycles, boats, trailers, and RV’s will not be allowed in the common areas unless prior written permission is obtained from Landlord;
    2. Landlord reserves the right to control parking in any matter it deems necessary in its sole discretion;
    3. Vehicles shall be parked so as not to obstruct spaces for other vehicles, driveways, or sidewalks;
    4. All vehicles must be kept in proper operating condition so as not to be a hazard or a nuisance by reason of noise, emissions, appearance, or otherwise. Except for minor adjustments, no repairs or maintenance shall be conducted on the property or common areas. Drainage of any automotive fluids on the common areas is strictly prohibited;
    5. Car washing is not allowed except in such designated area as may be established by Landlord;
    6. Any vehicle parked on the Premises or property that is unlicensed, inoperable, abandoned, or lacking any required permit may be towed away and stored at its owner’s expense without Landlord incurring any liability to anyone for any reason;
    7. Tenant agrees that Landlord may tow, without notice or demand, any vehicle in violation of any provision of this paragraph
    8. Should Landlord tow any vehicle as a result of a breach of any portion of this paragraph 8, Tenant agrees to hold Landlord harmless from any liability that arises from the towing away of such vehicle owned, possessed, or maintained by Tenant, members of Tenant’s household, or any of Tenant’s guests.
  3. Landlord's Obligations: Unless otherwise agreed upon, the Landlord shall:
    1. Comply with the applicable building and housing codes to the extent required by such building and housing codes;
    2. Make all repairs to the Premises as may be necessary to keep the Premises in a fit and habitable condition; provided, however, in accordance with the terms herein, the Tenant shall be liable to the Landlord for any repairs necessitated by the Tenant's intentional or negligent misuse of the Premises;
    3. Keep all common areas, if any, used in conjunction with the Premises in a clean and safe condition;
    4. Promptly repair all facilities and appliances, if any, as may be furnished by the Landlord as part of the Premises, including electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems, provided that the Landlord, except in emergency situations, actually receives notification from the Tenant in writing of the needed repairs; and
    5. Within a reasonable period of time based upon the severity of the condition, repair or remedy any imminently dangerous condition on the Premises after acquiring actual knowledge or receiving notice of the condition. Notwithstanding Landlord's repair or remedy of any imminently dangerous condition, Landlord may recover from Tenant the actual and reasonable costs of repairs that are the fault of Tenant.
  4. Utility Bills/Service Contracts: Landlord and Tenant agree that utility bills and service contracts (“Service Obligations”) for the Premises shall be paid by the party indicated below as to each Service Obligation. The party agreeing to be responsible for payment of a Service Obligation agrees to timely pay the applicable Service Obligation, including any metering, hook-up fees or other miscellaneous charges associated with establishing, installing and maintaining such utility or contract in that party’s name. Within thirty (30) days of the Beginning Date of this Lease, Tenant shall provide Landlord with a copy of any requested information about any Service Obligation for which Tenant has agreed to be responsible. Any Service Obligation not designated below shall be the responsibility of Tenant unless the parties agree otherwise in writing.

Services offered with responsibility of either Tenant or Landlord noted
Service Obligation Landlord Tenant N/A
Sewer/Septic X
Water X
Electric X
Telephone X
Security System for Individual Unit
 (Landlord shall be responsible for Security System in common areas) X
Trash Disposal/Dumpster X
Landscaping X
Lawn Maintenance X
Television and Internet X

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Pursuant to North Carolina General Statutes § 42-42, the Landlord shall provide operable smoke alarms, either battery-operated or electrical. If the Premises has a fossil-fuel burning heater, appliance, or fireplace, or an attached garage, the Landlord shall provide and install a minimum of one operable carbon monoxide alarm per level in the Premises, either battery operated or electrical. The Tenant shall notify the Landlord, in writing, of the need for replacement of or repairs to a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm. The Landlord shall replace or repair the smoke or carbon monoxide alarm within 15 days of receipt of notification if the Landlord is notified of needed replacement or repairs in writing by the Tenant. The Landlord shall ensure that a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm is operable and in good repair at the beginning of the Initial Term of the Tenancy. The Landlord shall place new batteries in any battery-operated smoke or carbon monoxide alarms at the beginning of the Initial Term of the tenancy and the Tenant shall replace the batteries as needed during the tenancy, except where the smoke alarm is a tamper-resistant, 10-year lithium battery smoke alarm.

  1. Rules and Regulations: The Tenant, his family, servants, guests and agents shall comply with and abide by all the Landlord’s existing rules and regulations and such future reasonable rules and regulations as the Landlord may, at Landlord’s discretion, from time to time, adopt governing the use and occupancy of the Premises and any common areas used in connection with them (the “Rules and Regulations”). Landlord reserves the right to make changes to the existing Rules and Regulations and to adopt additional reasonable rules and regulations from time to time; provided however, such changes and additions shall not alter the essential terms of this lease or any substantive rights granted hereunder and shall not become effective until thirty (30) days’ written notice thereof shall have been furnished to Tenant. Tenant also agrees to abide by any applicable homeowners’ association regulations as they now exist or may be amended. A copy of the existing Rules and Regulations, and any applicable homeowners’ association regulations, are attached hereto and the Tenant acknowledges that he has read them. The Rules and Regulations shall be deemed to be a part of this lease giving to the Landlord all the rights and remedies herein provided.
  2. Common Areas: Tenant understands and agrees that the use of the common areas (including any swimming pool, parking area, or roadways) is subject to any rules or regulations set by Landlord and such rules and regulations may be changed at any time. Tenant further agrees that Landlord may close or eliminate any common area or amenity at any time and Tenant will not be entitled to any rent reduction or abatement.
  3. Right of Entry: Landlord hereby reserves the right to enter the Premises during reasonable hours for the purpose of (1) inspecting the Premises and the Tenant’s compliance with the terms of this lease; (2) making such repairs, alterations, improvements or additions thereto as the Landlord may deem appropriate; and (3) showing the Premises to prospective purchasers or tenants. Landlord shall also have the right to display “For Sale” or “For Rent” signs in a reasonable manner upon the Premises.
  4. Damages: Tenant shall be responsible for and liable to the Landlord for all damage to, defacement of, or removal of property from the Premises whatever the cause, except such damage, defacement or removal caused by ordinary wear and tear, acts of the Landlord, his agent, or of third parties not invitees of the Tenant, and natural forces. Tenant agrees to pay Landlord for the cost of repairing any damage for which Tenant is responsible upon receipt of Landlord’s demand therefor, and to pay the Rent during the period the Premises may not be habitable as a result of any such damage.
  5. Pets: No animals, birds, dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles or marine animals or pets of any kind shall be permitted in the Premises at any time without the express, written consent of Landlord, which shall be documented in a separate Pet Agreement. Landlord reserves the right to exercise sole discretion over the allowance of pets, although reasonable accommodations will be made where applicable. Service animals will be allowed if “properly certified.”
  6. Alterations: The Tenant shall not paint, mark, drive nails or screws into, or otherwise deface or alter walls, ceilings, floors, windows, cabinets, woodwork, stone, ironwork or any other part of the Premises or decorate the Premises or make any alterations, additions, or improvements in, to, on or about the Premises without the Landlord's prior written consent and then only in a workmanlike manner using materials and contractors approved by the Landlord. All such work shall be done at the Tenant's expense and at such times and in such manner as the Landlord may approve. All alterations, additions, and improvements upon the Premises, made by either the Landlord or Tenant, shall become the property of the Landlord and shall remain upon and become a part of the Premises at the end of the tenancy hereby created. Tenant may use picture hangers to hang pictures and mirrors not to exceed 20 pounds.
  7. Occupants: The Tenant shall not allow or permit the Premises to be occupied or used as a residence by any person other than Tenant and the Permitted Occupants.
  8. Rental Application: In the event the Tenant has submitted a Rental Application in connection with this lease, Tenant acknowledges that the Landlord has relied upon the Application as an inducement for entering into this Lease and Tenant warrants to Landlord that the facts stated in the Application are true to the best of Tenant’s knowledge. If any facts stated in the Rental Application prove to be untrue, the Landlord shall have the right to terminate the tenancy and to collect from Tenant any damages resulting therefrom.
  9. Tenant’s Duties Upon Termination: Upon any termination of the Tenancy created hereby, whether by the Landlord or the Tenant and whether for breach or otherwise, the Tenant shall: (1) pay all utility bills due for services to the Premises for which he is responsible and have all such utility services discontinued; (2) vacate the Premises removing therefrom all Tenant’s personal property of whatever nature; (3) properly sweep and clean the Premises, including plumbing fixtures, refrigerators, stoves and sinks, removing therefrom all rubbish, trash, garbage and refuse; (4) make such repairs and perform such other acts as are necessary to return the Premises, and any appliances or fixtures furnished in connection therewith, in the same condition as when Tenant took possession of the Premises; provided, however, Tenant shall not be responsible for ordinary wear and tear or for repairs required by law or by the Landlord Obligations listed above to be performed by Landlord; (5) fasten and lock all doors and windows; (6) return to the Landlord all keys to the Premises; and (7) notify the Landlord of the address to which the balance of the Security Deposit may be returned. If the Tenant fails to sweep out and clean the Premises, appliances and fixtures as herein provided, Tenant shall become liable, without notice or demand, to the Landlord for the actual costs of cleaning (over and above ordinary wear and tear), which may be deducted from the Security Deposit as provided in paragraph 4 above.
  10. Tenant’s Breach:
    1. Events Constituting Breach: It shall constitute a breach of this Agreement if Tenant fails to:
      1. Pay the full amount of rent herein reserved as and when it shall become due hereunder; or
      2. Perform any other promise, duty, or obligation herein agreed to by him or imposed upon him by law.

In either of such events and as often as either of them may occur, the Landlord, in addition to all other rights and remedies provided by law, may, at its option and with or without notice to Tenant, either terminate this lease or terminate the Tenant’s right to possession of the Premises without terminating this lease.

    1. Landlord's Right to Possession: Regardless of whether Landlord terminates this lease or only terminates the Tenant’s right of possession without terminating this lease, Landlord shall be immediately entitled to possession of the Premises and the Tenant shall peacefully surrender possession of the Premises to Landlord immediately upon Landlord’s demand. In the event Tenant shall fail or refuse to surrender possession of the Premises, Landlord shall, in compliance with Article 2A of Chapter 42 of the General Statutes of North Carolina, reenter and retake possession of the Premises only through a summary ejectment proceeding.
    2. Summary Ejectment Fees: If a summary ejectment proceeding is instituted against Tenant, in addition to any court costs and past-due rent that may be awarded, Tenant shall be responsible for paying Landlord the relevant Complaint-Filing Fee, Court Appearance Fee or Second Trial Fee in accordance with NC General Statutes §42-46.
    3. Acceptance of Partial Rent: Tenant acknowledges and understands that Landlord’s acceptance of partial rent or partial housing subsidy will not waive Tenant’s breach of this Agreement or limit Landlord’s rights to evict tenant through a summary ejectment proceeding , whether filed before or after Landlord’s acceptance of any such partial rent or partial housing subsidy.
    4. Termination of Lease: In the event Landlord terminates this lease, all further rights and duties hereunder shall terminate and Landlord shall be entitled to collect from Tenant all accrued but unpaid rents and any damages resulting from the Tenant's breach.
    5. Termination of Tenant's Right of Possession: In the event Landlord terminates the Tenant's right of possession without terminating this lease, Tenant shall remain liable for the full performance of all the covenants hereof, and Landlord shall use reasonable efforts to re-let the Premises on Tenant’s behalf. Any such rentals reserved from such re-letting shall be applied first to the costs of re-letting the Premises and then to the rentals due hereunder. In the event the rentals from such re-letting are insufficient to pay the rentals due hereunder in full, Tenant shall be liable to the Landlord for any deficiency. In the event Landlord institutes a legal action against the Tenant to enforce the lease or to recover any sums due hereunder, Tenant agrees to pay Landlord reasonable attorney’s fees in addition to all other damages.
  1. Landlord's Default; Limitation of Remedies and Damages: Until the Tenant notifies the Landlord in writing of an alleged default and affords the Landlord a reasonable time within which to cure, no default by the Landlord in the performance of any of the promises or obligations herein agreed to by him or imposed upon him by law shall constitute a material breach of this lease and the Tenant shall have no right to terminate this lease for any such default or suspend his performance hereunder. In no event and regardless of their duration shall any defective condition of or failure to repair, maintain, or provide any area, fixture or facility used in connection with recreation or recreational activities, including but not limited to swimming pools, club houses, and tennis courts, constitute a material breach of this lease and the Tenant shall have no right to terminate this lease or to suspend his performance hereunder. In any legal action instituted by the Tenant against the Landlord, the Tenant's damages shall be limited to the difference, if any, between the rent reserved in this lease and the reasonable rental value of the Premises, taking into account the Landlord's breach or breaches, and in no event, except in the case of the Landlord's willful or wanton negligence, shall the Tenant collect any consequential or secondary damages resulting from the breach or breaches, including but not limited to the following items: damage or destruction of furniture or other personal property of any kind located in or about the Premises, moving expenses, storage expenses, alternative interim housing expenses, and expenses of locating and procuring alternative housing.
  2. Bankruptcy: If any bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings are filed by or against the Tenant or if the Tenant makes any assignment for the benefit of creditors, the Landlord may, at his option, immediately terminate this Tenancy, and reenter and repossess the Premises, subject to the provisions of the Bankruptcy Code (11 USC Section 101, et. seq.) and the order of any court having jurisdiction thereunder.
  3. Tenant's Insurance; Release and Indemnity Provisions:
    1. Personal Property Insurance:

<blank line here> Tenant shall be required to obtain and maintain throughout the term of the tenancy a renter’s insurance policy and to promptly provide Landlord evidence of such insurance upon Landlord’s request. In addition to coverage for damage or loss to Tenant’s personal property in such amount as Tenant may determine, the policy shall include coverage for bodily injury and property damage for which Tenant may be liable in the minimum amount of $100,000.

    1. Whether or not Tenant is required to obtain a renter's insurance policy, Tenant shall be solely responsible for insuring any of his personal property located or stored upon the Premises upon the risks of damage, destruction, or loss resulting from theft, fire, storm and all other hazards and casualties. Regardless of whether the Tenant secures such insurance, the Landlord and his agents shall not be liable for any damage to, or destruction or loss of, any of the Tenant’s personal property located or stored upon the Premises regardless of the cause or causes of such damage, destruction, or loss, unless such loss or destruction is attributable to the intentional acts or willful or wanton negligence of the Landlord.
    2. The Tenant agrees to release and indemnify the Landlord and his agents from and against liability for injury to the person of the Tenant or to any members of his household resulting from any cause whatsoever except only such personal injury caused by the negligent, or intentional acts of the Landlord or his agents.
  1. Agent: The Landlord and the Tenant acknowledge that the Landlord may, from time to time in his discretion, engage a third party (“the Agent”) to manage, supervise and operate the Premises or the complex, if any, of which they are a part. If such an Agent is managing, supervising and operating the Premises at the time this lease is executed, his name will be shown as “Agent” on the first page hereof. With respect to any Agent engaged pursuant to this paragraph, the Landlord and the Tenant hereby agree that: (1) Agent acts for and represents Landlord in this transaction; (2) Agent shall have only such authority as provided in the management contract existing between the Landlord and Agent; (3) Agent may perform without objection from the Tenant, any obligation or exercise any right of the Landlord imposed or given herein or by law and such performance shall be valid and binding, if authorized by the Landlord, as if performed by the Landlord; (4) the Tenant shall pay all rentals to the Agent if directed to do so by the Landlord; (5) except as otherwise provided by law, the Agent shall not be liable to the Tenant for the nonperformance of the obligations or promises of the Landlord contained herein; (6) nothing contained herein shall modify the management contract existing between the Landlord and the Agent; however, the Landlord and the Agent may from time to time modify the management agreement in any manner which they deem appropriate; (7) the Landlord, may, in his discretion and in accordance with any management agreement, remove without replacing or remove and replace any agent engaged to manage, supervise and operate the Premises.
  2. Form: The Landlord and Tenant hereby acknowledge that their agreement is evidenced by this form contract which may contain some minor inaccuracies when applied to the particular factual setting of the parties. The Landlord and Tenant agree that the courts shall liberally and broadly interpret this lease, ignoring minor inconsistencies and inaccuracies, and that the courts shall apply the lease to determine all disputes between the parties in the manner which most effectuates their intent as expressed herein. The following rules of construction shall apply: (1) handwritten and typed additions or alterations shall control over the preprinted language when there is an inconsistency between them; (2) the lease shall not be strictly construed against either the Landlord or the Tenant; (3) paragraph headings are used only for convenience of reference and shall not be considered as a substantive part of this lease; (4) words in the singular shall include the plural and the masculine shall include the feminine and neuter genders, as appropriate; and (5) the invalidity of one or more provisions of this lease shall not affect the validity of any other provisions hereof and this lease shall be construed and enforced as if such invalid provision(s) were not included.
  3. Amendment of Laws: In the event that subsequent to the execution of this lease any state statute regulating or affecting any duty or obligation imposed upon the Landlord pursuant to this lease is enacted, amended, or repealed, the Landlord may, at his option, elect to perform in accordance with such statute, amendment, or act of repeal in lieu of complying with the analogous provision of this lease.
  4. Eminent Domain and Casualties: The Landlord shall have the option to terminate this lease if the Premises, or any part thereof, are condemned or sold in lieu of condemnation or damaged by fire or other casualty.
  5. Assignment: The Tenant shall not assign this lease or sublet the Premises in whole or part.
  6. Waiver: No waiver of any breach of any obligation or promise contained herein shall be regarded as a waiver of any future breach of the same or any other obligation or promise.
  7. Joint and Several Liability: If there are multiple persons listed as Tenant, their obligations under this Agreement shall be joint and several.
  8. Other Terms and Conditions:
    1. If there is an Agent involved in this transaction, Agent hereby discloses to Tenant that Agent is acting for and represents Landlord.
    2. Itemize all addenda to this Contract and attach hereto:

☐Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint and Lead-Based Paint Hazards (form 430-T) (if Premises built prior to 1978)

☐Maintenance Addendum (form 440-T)

☐Early Termination by Military Personnel Addendum (form 441-T)

☐Pet Addendum (form 442-T)

☐ OTHER: <blank line here>

    1. The following additional terms and conditions shall also be a part of this lease: <blank line here>
    2. <blank line here>
    3. <blank line here>
  1. Inspection of Premises: Within 10 days of occupying the Premises, Tenant has the right to inspect the Premises and complete a Move-in Inspection Form.
  2. Notice: Any notices required or authorized to be given hereunder or pursuant to applicable law shall be mailed or hand delivered to the following addresses:

Tenant: the address of the Premises

Landlord: the address to which rental payments are sent.

  1. Execution; Counterparts: When Tenant signs this lease, he acknowledges he has read and agrees to the provisions of this lease. This lease is executed in (number) counterparts with an executed counterpart being retained by each party.
  2. Entire Agreement: This Agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties and there are no representations, inducements or other provisions other than those expressed in writing. All changes, additions or deletions hereto must be in writing and signed by all parties.


<blank line here> (SEAL) BY: <blank line here> (SEAL)

Date: <blank line here> Date: <blank line here>

<blank line here> (SEAL)

Date: <blank line here>

<blank line here> (SEAL)

Date: <blank line here>