Pet Agreement


(Approved 3/25/21)

This Agreement addresses terms and conditions of pet residency at Alder Springs Deaf and Blind Community, LLC. Parties subject to the Agreement are Alder Springs Deaf and Blind Community, LLC (hereafter Management) and the undersigned resident(s) (hereafter Tenant/Pet Owner). Cancellation of this Agreement does not imply a waiver of the tenant’s responsibility for any damages.

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Tenant(s) Name(s) Address

Only the pet/pets listed and described below are authorized in this Pet Agreement. A list of Prohibited Breeds is provided in the Agreement. Additional or other pets must be approved by Management. This Agreement shall apply to Assistance Animals and, in the sole judgment of Management, where applicable, to Certified Service Animals.

Pet Deposit: Tenant/Pet Owner agrees to pay a non refundable (in whole or in part) Pet Deposit (excluding Certified Service Animals).

Danger, Damage, Nuisance: Pet/pets will not cause danger, damage, nuisance, noise, health hazard, or soil the apartment, premises, grounds, common areas, walks, parking areas, landscaping or gardens. Tenant/Pet Owner agrees to promptly clean up after the pet/pets and agrees to accept full responsibility and liability for any damage (primary or secondary), injury, or actions arising from or caused by his/her pet/pets.

Routine Care: Tenant/Pet Owner agrees to be responsible for feeding, maintaining, the veterinary care, and frequent grooming of the pet/pets. Tenant/Pet Owner agrees that the pet/pets will not be tethered and when it is not inside the dwelling, the pet/pets will at all times be on a short leash, carried, or kept in a secure fenced-in area.

Registration, Licensing, Vaccination: Tenant/Pet Owner agrees to register and license the pet/pets in accordance with local laws and requirements. Tenant/Pet Owner agrees to represent to the extent possible, that the pet/pets has been inoculated for rabies and other required inoculations for the type of animal, and has been neutered or spayed.

Dog Park Policy: Tenant/Pet Owner agrees to abide fully by Management’s Dog Park Policy

Housebroken Behaviors: Tenant/Pet Owner warrants that the pet/pets is housebroken. Tenant/Pet Owner warrants that the pet/pets has no history of causing physical harm to persons or property, such as biting, scratching, chewing, etc., and further warrants that the pet/pets has no vicious history or tendencies.

Infestations: Tenant/Pet Owner is held responsible for pet infestations such as fleas which are caused by pets. Tenant/Pet Owner is held responsible for pest prevention by insuring food is properly stored and using sprays and baits where necessary. At move-out, Tenant/Pet Owner may be required to pay the cost of a de-fleaing treatment by Management’s current pest control service.

Removal: Tenant/Pet Owner will remove the pet/pets within 72 hours of written notification from Management that the pet/pets, in Management’s sole judgment, creates a nuisance or disturbance or is, in Management’s opinion, undesirable. If the pet/pets is caused to be removed pursuant to this paragraph, Management shall not be required to refund the Pet Deposit and the Tenant/Pet Owner shall be prohibited from acquiring and keeping another pet/pets of the type that was removed; however, the Tenant/Pet Owner may acquire a pet/pet of another type with that pet/pet subject to all terms and conditions of this Pet Agreement and payment of another Pet Deposit.

Removal of Assistance Animal or Certified Service Animal: An Assistance Animal or Certified Service Animal may be removed if Management, in its sole judgment, determines that such animal poses a direct threat to the health and safety of others that cannot be eliminated, or the animal would cause substantial physical damage to the property of others that cannot be reduced or eliminated. Any such determination must be based on objective evidence about the specific animal’s actual conduct. If the Assistance Animal or Certified Service Animal is removed, the Tenant/Pet Owner shall be entitled to acquire and keep another assistance animal subject to the terms of this Pet Agreement.

Indemnity: Tenant/Pet Owner agrees to take reasonable measures to prevent the pet/pets from causing damage to the property or person of any individual, and to indemnify and hold harmless Management from any liability to third parties which may result from Tenant/Pet Owner’s keeping of the pet/pets.

Insurance: Tenant/Pet Owner understands and agrees that Tenant/Pet Owner’s renter insurance policy will include coverage for bodily injury and property damage caused by his/her pet/pets.

Other Terms: Tenant/Pet Owner also agrees to observe the following regulations:

Dogs and cats: must be controlled at all times. Must be kept on a short leash while in common areas or on the grounds. Barking will not be tolerated in that it is considered to be a nuisance to other tenants. Proper disposal of cat litter (securely bagged) will be done on a frequent basis. Odors arising from cat litter will not be tolerated.

Birds: will be properly caged. Seeds and droppings will be shielded or caught to prevent accumulation and/or damage to carpeting/floors.

Fish: Aquariums will not leak and will be cleaned regularly to prevent foul water and/or odors.

Violations: In the event of a violation of this Pet Agreement, Management shall have the right to immediately cancel this Agreement and require the Tenant/Pet Owner to immediately remove the pet/pets from the premises. Cancellation of this Agreement does not imply a waiver of the Tenant/Pet Owner’s responsibility for any damages.

A second notice of any violation of this Pet Agreement will incur a $100.00 fine. Third written notice of violations will incur a $200.00 fine and/or lease termination or pet/pets removal from the premises.

Pet Description(s):

Kind Type or Breed Color Name Age Weight

____________ _____________________ _______ ____________________ ______ ____________

____________ _____________________ _______ ____________________ ______ ____________

____________ _____________________ _______ ____________________ ______ ____________

Pet Deposit:

Tenant/Pet Owner agrees to pay the following non-refundable pet deposit per pet……………………………………………………………………………………………………………$ ________

Tenant/Pet Owner agrees to pay the following pet fee………………………………..$ ________

Other………………………………………………………………………………………………………..$ ________



The list below includes dog breeds that are not allowed even if the dog has a portion of the following breeds. The list is subject to change at any time. Management has final authority to determine if any breed is allowed. All pets must be pre-approved.

Pit Bull Terriers

American Staffordshire Terriers


German Shepherds

Presna Canarios


Doberman Pinschers


Wolf Hybrids


Cane Corsos

Great Danes

Alaskan Malamutes

Siberian Huskies

Blue Heelers

Staffordshire Terriers

American Bulldogs


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