Improvements by Resident Policy


Approved by the Board   6/27/19

Revised and Approved by Board 1/22/21, 3/24/23

For any tenant requesting to make upgrades or changes to any existing part of their apartment:

Any request (including specific materials, equipment, etc) must first be approved by the Board of Directors before any work begins.

Tenant must purchase all approved materials/supplies/equipment at their own expense.

Approved Alder Springs maintenance people will do the installation.

No tenant is allowed to do any work on their apartment or any apartment in the building without prior board approval.

The tenant will be billed for labor costs and other costs related to installation of the approved upgrade or change and the tenant is expected to pay the invoice promptly.

The approved upgrade/change is an improvement that becomes a permanent part of the apartment and property of Alder Springs when the apartment is vacated; Tenant must leave improvement in good working order or resulting repair costs will be deducted from the security deposit.

Tenant will pay all maintenance and repair costs related to the improvement until the apartment is vacated (ex. Tenant improvement is the installation of an over-the- oven microwave).

Checks for labor and other installation costs need to be made to:   Alder Springs Deaf and Blind Community.

All of the above also applies to new appliances (ex. stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, disposal) or any new fixed appliance (ex. built in microwave). All of these are approved first, purchased by the tenant, installed by Alder Springs and paid for by the tenant, and become property of Alder Springs upon vacancy.