Fire Drill Procedure


July 20 2021

Two recent false alarms revealed many serious weaknesses in fire preparedness.

Since then, the board has met with Department of Public Safety (Chief and the Captain of fire response, Protective Security Corp (manager of alert systems at Alder Springs), Alder Springs Maintenance Team, The Elevator Company (contracted elevator service provider).

Beginning with the next fire drill on Tuesday July 27 at 5:30 the changes detailed below will be enforced. On July 27, do not leave your apartment until the alarm sounds and then follow the new procedures as follows:

Every time the fire alarm system is activated, every resident (and guest) and every person (including service providers) must leave the building immediately. Every activation of the fire alarm system will be fully conducted until an “all clear” message is given to re-enter the building. Pay no attention to any person who states that it is a “false alarm” or any other such statement.

Never use or try to use the elevator when the fire alarm system is activated.

Every resident (and guest) must proceed to a new gathering area in the far corner of the parking lot nearest to College Street. DO NOT GATHER AT THE DUMPSTER OR ANY OTHER PLACE. Proceed promptly to the clearly marked area; within a few minutes chairs will be provided. Do not leave this area until every person is accounted for by responders and the “all clear” message has been given by the responders.

Those who need assistance in descending the stairs or exiting the building should proceed to the nearest stairway door and wait until responders come to assist.

Responders will enter every apartment and require every person in the apartment to leave immediately. No exceptions. Any person sleeping will be awakened. Any person refusing to leave will be evacuated by the responders.

Do not step into the parking lot facing the front door of the building. This entire area is a fire lane that Public Safety will use. Any resident or resident in this lot could be a safety risk for all concerned and therefore disrupt the responders.

Exit the building by the three available doors and follow the sidewalks to the new

“gathering area” in the College Street parking lot. If you exit the building at the end nearest the recycle bins, do not go down the steps. Turn right on the sidewalk and follow it around to the new “gathering area”.

When the fire alarm system is activated, NO PERSON UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL STAY ON THE FRONT PORCH OR STEPS OF THE BUILDING. Follow the sidewalks around the building to the new “gathering area” in the College St parking lot.

Every resident is advised to have an emergency kit prepared at all times. It should be located near their apartment door. It should include shoes (not slippers), warm coat, umbrella or protective gear for inclement weather. EVERY TIME THE FIRE ALARM SOUNDS EVERY RESIDENT MUST GO THE NEW “GATHERING AREA” IN THE COLLEGE ST PARKING LOT….THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.

After the July 27 2021 fire drill, the board will stop announcing the specific day and time of fire drills. The only advance notice given to residents will be for a fire drill to occur sometime during the stated week. The drill can happen any time during that week.

After July 27, all deaf residents will be required to provide at their expense an operating bed shaker.